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Top whatsapp spy software review guide – The best selection of apps to track this instant messenger activities

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Searching for a decent whatsapp spy program could be a chore, not to mention time consuming although  search engines are more powerful than ever today. The problem which most persons face is that there are too much options out there. As a result the potential buyer is sometimes placed in a quandary as to which one to choose. Most persons prefer to go with the most economical solution (cheapest) but that is often a mistake. Everyone has a budget but if you buy something which does not function properly, the result maybe more costly for you in the long term. For example, some programs do not work completely in stealth and as a result the mobile user may discover you are monitoring them.

In this guide or review of the best whatsapp spying apps, the purpose is to cut down the drama of the selection process by offering a few options with the following qualities:

Dependability: It must work and function as it is suppose to. This is ascertained by testing of the whatsapp tracking tool and also through overall customer reviews.

Stealth: The ability to stay invisible to the user of the target mobile is of utmost importance because he or she would continue using the phone or tablet as usual. If the software does not work completely incognito then you will risk being caught in the act.

Features: Although it is not the main focus auxiliary functionality does come in handy. For instance certain conversations may transpire over another instant messenger such as Viber rather than whatsapp. Subsequently, if you are able to keep track of both, then your overall surveillance would be better.

Technical Support: The response to customer queries is crucial in this type of technology. A quick reply could mean success or failure. Preferable support services are either online messaging or telephone in which the three choices mentioned below have one or both.

Cost: In this evaluation we still try to ensure the user is getting what they want at a relatively good price.

Since the first two qualities are ensured, your major focus would be on the last three with the determination of which option best fit your requirements.

 List of the best whatsapp spying software

#1 Mspy


Right now, Mspy is seen as one of the best mobile monitoring app online today. This is not only by this website but also others such as top ten reviews which gave an excellent report on the performance of this spy application. If you look at its ancillary features you would notice that it covers a wide basis which many persons would be interested in, including facebook messages, Skype, Viber, emails, text messages and more. It even take things a step further with its ability to intercept phone calls (currently for Android cell phones only) so that you could listen to what is being said. As mentioned before, no function is an island alone and these additional features give the user the needed support. Aside from its attributes, you could also take a look at the support given to its customers which is either through email, online messaging or via the phone. In all it would make an excellent choice for those who really need a high level monitoring solution aside from whatsapp messenger alone.

Device Compatibility: Android (phone and tablet), ipad, iphone, Symbian (Nokia)

Noteworthy Characteristics: Robust features and first class customer service.

Price: Starts at $29.95USD (please note only the premium version is capable of spying on whatsapp conversations)

For more details visit the main website: or read our Mspy review

#2 Mobile Spy

mobile spying reviews

Mobile spy has being in operation from since 2003 with its main company being involved in multiple types of monitoring software. This is for smart phones, tablets and the personal computer. It may not carry as much features as the number one contender but it definitely can hold its own, that is it can keep track of facebook, twitter, blackberry messenger conversations and more. When it comes to value for your money no other whatsapp spy application can come close to Mobile spy. The reason being is that for starters it allows the buyer to keep an eye on a maximum of three mobile devices at the same price or even lower than everyone else. The benefit can easily be seen especially if the person has multiple smart gadgets (phone or tablets) or you want to watch over more than one person. As a result, parents as well as businesses would find this pretty useful and economical which is important these days.

Another bonus is the fact that with the one year subscription, you would be entitled to a free subscription of Sniperspy which is their award winning computer surveillance application. There is no better option than this one when it comes to value. In terms of reaching support it you can do so either through email or telephone.

Noteworthy Characteristics: Multiple device surveillance and also the option of Sniper spy.

Device Compatibility: Android (phone and tablet), ipad, iphone, Symbian (Nokia)

Cost: Starts at $49.95USD

Additional Details or Purchase: or read our Mobile spy review

#3 Stealthgenie


Special Attributes: Online instant messenger support system coupled with e-ticket system. Extremely user-friendly control panel. It also offers skype monitoring which is another popular messenger service

Features: The user would be able to monitor whatsapp, viber messages, skype, text messages, emails, appointments, photos, videos, music, web history and sim changes. Stealthgenie also has the power to send special sms commands to the smart phone to wipe the device clean, lock, unlock it and more. Also depending on the type of mobile you would also be able to listen in on a phone call or the surroundings of the device.

Compatibility: Android, iphone and Blackberry.

Price: Starting at $59.95USD

Rating: 4/5

Further Info or Purchase: download123

In this review of the top Whatsapp spy programs it isnt too had to choose. Just pick one which best suits your situation.

Free whatsapp spy app download

Are you looking to keep track of someone’s whatsapp messages through software but would rather not spend a cent doing so? Well then, we have some goodfree whatsapp spy and bad news to tell you. The good news is that there is a way to spy on whatsapp messages for free. The bad is that you can only do so for a limited time through trial offers. So, you have a very small window(literally days) in which to gather all the data you need. When the time is up, you would then either have to be satisfied with what was obtained or alternatively purchase the application in question. It is your choice on how things proceed after the time has ran out. The benefit of trying out the product prior is that you would know whether it is functioning up to your expectations. If the answer is no, then it would not make much sense acquiring it after the stipulated period is up, even though you figure that something would be revealed in time.

Is there any free hacks for this type of software like a crack?

The answer to that is a simple no. Cracks usually work on standalone software products which do not need server verification or an online account to work. Unfortunately, whatsapp spy software has both of these characteristics because of its operation. These mobile monitoring applications secretly send spy data to a secure online server unknown to the operator (i.e. your child or employee) of the gadget. It is then possible to access the log data through a special control panel online. At the time of purchase a unique code is given to the buyer so that they can view only what has been captured on one device.

This mean that even if you are able to get the tool to upload information to the server then the next issue would be, how would you get to view the logs since the vendor is the one who create accounts from their side. In the end, this route is fruitless.

What are the apps that you are talking about?

There are two vendors which offer the user a free whatsapp spy trial and these are Mobile spy and ispyoo. Mobile spy is the old veteran in which most people heard of, but many are unaware that it offers a 7 day trial to its potential buyers. In addition to whatsapp chat, it is also possible to view other activities such as blackberry messenger, yahoo, msn and other important instant messenger conversations which gives it an overall surveillance solution. The minimum cost associated with this application is close to 50 bucks which is rather economical. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and try out this program. Click here to visit Mobile spy trial page for more details.

Ispyoo on the other hand is not as known but it is creeping its way up the ladder slowly but surely. Instead of offering the ability to test it out for 7 days it allow you to do it for 48 hours. Although, this may not be the ideal thing it is way better than what most vendors are offering which is nothing at all. Ispyoo actually surpasses its competitor in terms of  features and packages offered so take a quick look today. In order to get started visit to begin. Just follow the link on the main website.


Although this scenario is not the ideal case you are looking for you would have to make the most of it. If you acquire all the details you need from one of the whatsapp spying program in this article then that is great however; if not it won’t hurt to spend the few extra bucks to reveal your suspicions. At the end of the day it is best to pay the extra 50 bucks to continue than to remain being deceived.

Learn how to go about spying on the whatsapp messages of a mobile device

parents peeping at child messaging

When it comes to instant messaging on a mobile device, whatsapp messenger is on top of them all. Launched in 2008, its main objective was to replace the regular sms or text message with a more robust means of communicating (i.e. the ability to transfer multimedia such as voice notes and images). To some extent it has reached this goal but still is some way to achieving it due to the fact that it depends on internet connectivity to function. Whatsapp spying came about due to the app’s popularity. Messaging across this platform has become almost equivalent to talking on a phone or face to face. The result is, conversations which if exposed could reveal what is transpiring with someone. It could be either negative or positive. This made it very appealing to the fathers and mothers who are interested in their children’s well being or the business owner who wants to prevent sabotage.

Instead of confrontation or worrying about what is going on when you are not around. A discreet way of reading this chat could be very beneficial for all of the parties concerned if done correctly.

What is the best way to monitor someone’s whatsapp messages?

If you want to effectively spy on the whatsapp messages of a smart device then you should be looking at acquiring the necessary spy software for the job.  Mobile surveillance technology existed for over ten years now and began with simple features which allowed the owner to see the content of the text messages, call history etc. Since these apps are geared towards keeping tabs on the most common activities, overtime the list of features grew. Eventually, whatsapp conversations were being added by the top vendors because of its high usage globally and the demand for that functionality by present and potential customers.

Although it would be good if this was a cure for all, the fact remains it isn’t. There are a few conditions which must be met in order to successfully set up this type of software. These are:

  1. Access to the target device to do the setup because it is not possible to do it otherwise.
  2. Basic knowledge of the operating system of the gadget you are dealing with especially with navigation through menus etc. (Many vendors offer video tutorials which makes this less of an issue)
  3. The mobile device must either be an android phone or tablet; iphone or ipad. There is no Whatsapp spy application presently which works with Symbian, Blackberry or Windows mobile. If this occurs this article would be updated accordingly.
  4. Any android gadget which is installing these apps must be rooted in order to keep track of this instant messenger service. Other features would work but certain ones must have root access.
  5. Any iphone or ipad must be jail broken prior to the installation.

Providing these things have been done the next thing would be to go ahead with the execution and in no time spying on whatsapp messages would no longer be a dream but reality.

How is the software deployed?

Most of the products online fundamentally work the same. You need to sign up first and following that would be an email which contains login information for the account and the procedure to install. Alternatively, many also contain links to the procedure which transport the buyer to a special webpage instead. It is then a matter of following what was stated which means downloading the execution file and installing it on the device itself. This in itself would take about 5 minutes to accomplish assuming there is little or no configurations to be done. Many whatsapp monitoring tools use an activation key to link the target cell phone or tablet to the account while others do it through the imei number in the control panel.

The next step is to go to the online control panel of the program to view what is going on. This is accessed through the regular web browser. Delivery of spy details take around 20 minutes or so to come and from there you would see everything that has been captured.

What are the preferred whatsapp spying applications online?

Doing a search online brings up a number of apps which can do the job for you. The main issue is that since you would be swamped with so many it is difficult to choose which one would actually be best for you. Every single product would say that they are the best but after you purchase it you realise that is far from the truth. In order to make it easy for our readers we have compiled the top tools on the market today when it comes to tracking that messenger conversations. It can be reached on the menu or you can click the link below.

Whatsapp spy software review guide

Frequently asked questions about spying on whatsapp messenger

What is the best way to monitor whatsapp messenger of a mobile device?

Right now the best way is through spy software. The reason being is that these programs work in the background recording the whatsapp conversations unknown to the user. They work 24 hours a day which mean that you would be informed of what is happening all of the time. The best part is that you only need access to the machine once and that is during the setup phase. Then it would be a matter of checking periodically your online account for message details.

Does the target mobile need internet to utilise this software?

Yes it does. For the simple reason that the conversations recorded are uploaded to the software server. Therefore with no internet it would be impossible to find out what is happening because the information won’t reach you. The online connection could be either through wifi or data service. It does not have to be continuous either.

What other things do I need to have in order for this technology to work?

It depends on which mobile you are dealing with. For the iphone you need to jailbreak it otherwise you won’t be able to download this software onto the device. In terms of an Android phone or tablet, you must root the device in order to utilize the programs full abilities.

Are these programs complicated to use?

The answer to that is no. The software used to intercept whatsapp messages works like a regular app which means if you can install a program normally then you should have no difficulty with this technology. The implementation is straight forward and can be accomplished in three steps. The first part requires subscribing to the particular spy program which you desire. The more established apps would then send you a set of instructions which typically involves downloading the app from the url, installing it and then entering the activation code.

When the program is activated then everything can commence. In the event that you are getting into difficulties then customer care is very important because it can put you back on the right path immediately.

Is reading whatsapp conversations illegal?

The answer to that question depends on the use. Spying on whatsapp messages is usually deemed legal for child and staff monitoring only. In both cases the user should be the owner of the device. Otherwise. you would need to seek advice from an attorney. If it is determined that the purpose is illegal then you must not install the program onto the mobile device.

What app should I use?

When dealing with whatsapp spy software our preferred choices are either Mobile spy or Mspy. Both are great programs in terms of reliability, features and customer service. The main difference that customers see between the two of them other than the price is the fact that Mspy allow you to listen in on cell phone calls. Mspy is more expensive but in many situations it is more effective simply due to that one feature . You can find out more by taking a look at our Mobile spy review and Mspy review.

How to spy on skype chat on a cell phone or computer

skype spying software

If you want to spy on someone’s skype messages then you would need a special app to do so. Skype monitoring software for the personal computer has been around now for years. In terms of implementation, it is quite easy. You simply sign up or register for the particular program you would like to use (this is through some research of course). Then it is a matter of downloading and setting it up on the personal computer you wish to monitor. Conversations which are captured could be viewed by two methods. The first method is by returning to the spy software console on the target machine. The alternative is to request that a log of the skype conversations be sent to your email during pre determined time intervals.

The second option is often preferred because it requires no physical contact with the actual pc itself after the initial installation. You would only have to relax as you receive the logs which is showing everything the person is up to. The main issue you would find with this type of program; matter a fact, any type of computer spy program is the anti-virus installed on the machine. These apps could easily halt your surveillance in its tracks by blocking the software from being set up or from running. Typically, this would be bypassed by adding the skype spy to the list of safe software. Other than that, there is generally no difficulties.

The implementation of skype spying software on a cell phone is similar to that of any pc in which it also must be downloaded and installed on the smart device. The main difference is that viewing of the data captured is generally done via a spy account which is created at the time of registration. The account is available online and can be accessed through a regular web browser at anytime during the day. Information is sent to this account as soon as it is recorded which means that you are always up to date with the circumstances of the individual.

What programs should I use to monitor skype messages?


If you are looking for an app for the computer then there is no better program than Spytech Spyagent. This software was given the gold award and number one spot on top ten reviews for the last four years. Right now it is considered one of the best pc monitoring programs you can find around to this day. It allow the user to monitor many other activities on the machine including instant messenger services (yahoo, windows live, aol), keystrokes types, website activities, emails, passwords, programs usage, screen shots and much more. The cost is just under 70 bucks and it is worth every penny of it. In order to learn more or to start downloading this skype monitoring app download123.

stealthgenie skype spy

When it comes to tracking skype messages on a mobile phone presently your only choice would be Stealthgenie. Stealthgenie has been in the cell phone monitoring business now for over three years and is definitely one of the top contenders in the market. It is also is rated highly on the top ten review website although it did not acquire gold status. In addition to being able to spy on skype chat this program also allow the user to monitor whatsapp messages, viber chat, text messages, emails, websites visited and much more. The starting price is just under 60 bucks and increases according to the subscription purchased. For further details you can to visit its main website by just download123.

Viber monitoring apps – Key software to spy on viber messages

stealthgenie viber messenger spySoftware with the capabilities to spy on viber messages is picking up in demand across the internet today. Matter of fact, cell  phone monitoring applications on the whole are becoming increasingly popular and it is quite understandable. Can you imagine being able to see what is going on with your love ones mobile? All of your insecurities and suspicions would be finally put to rest because you would be viewing what he or she is saying behind your back unknown to him or her. If the person utilises viber messenger extensively then it would definitely be beneficial if the software chosen could capture this chat.

Cell phone spy software do not usually come with one feature which means that you will not be only monitoring viber conversations but other transmissions also. You might be saying to yourself that you are paying for features which you do not need but that, isn’t necessarily the truth. Other functions such as the ability monitor whatsapp messages or the device location are also pretty useful. For instance, imagine the day that viber chat is not functioning then the individual might turn to whatsapp instead. Additional functions give you options in the event the original plan does not work out or. When you use them together,  you will be better off than simply viber spying alone. You must remember that the user has other options to communicate with others. If you restrict yourself to one feature then you would be definitely putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Stealthgenie right now is the premium viber spying program on the internet today. Its functions include the capability to spy on:

  • Phone surroundings (also known as mobile bugging)
  • Cell phone conversations (listen in on a mobile call secretly)
  • Whatsapp messenger
  • Text messages
  • imessages
  • Skype
  • Blackberry messenger
  • Gtalk
  • Blackberry pin messages
  • The location of the mobile phone
  • Photos taken
  • Videos taken
  • Music being listened to
  • Videos being watched
  • Websites Visited

and more.

When looking at the list you could easily understand how deep into the person’s life you can reach by installing Stealthgenie onto their smart phone.  Within a matter of minutes all of this information will be available at your finger tips. If you want to get the particulars about spying on viber with Stealthgenie then you must download123

Very best text message tracking software for cell phones and other smart devices

intercepting sms messages easily

When it comes to cell phone monitoring technologies text message tracking was one of the first features ever created. It was very effective because outside of making a phone call, text messages was the only other way to communicate between mobile devices. Many persons opted to say what they had to through sms messaging because it was a lot cheaper than a phone call. Therefore, an effective mobile spy would only need that one feature in order for the user to see what is going on.

Now, simply intercepting the text messages of a device won’t cut it because there are other choices when it comes to communicating with other mobile devices. You have whatsapp, blackberry messenger, yahoo and new emerging messenger services every day. Acquiring a mobile surveillance app which would track everything is impossible. However; you can acquire one that captures the main messenger services such as whatsapp, blackberry messenger and imessages in addition to capturing sms messages.

These apps enable you to combine various sources of information to help you solve the puzzle of the person you are watching. In the realm of text message tracking software there are no better applications than Spybubble and Mspy.

sms messages tracking

Spybuble is a simple sms monitoring application which carry a basic subscription for just $50. Its features list include the ability to intercept text messages, phonebook contacts,  emails , URL visited, photos and the mobile’s gps coordinates. This is excellent for someone on a small budget and who knows that the person being watched only uses text messaging as their primary means of communication. Otherwise, it is best to upgrade to the pro version which allow the user to also listen in on the mobile calls as well as surroundings. In addition you would also be able to track whatsapp, imessages and blackberry messenger. These additional features will increase the price by 35 bucks but it would be definitely worth it. If you would like to take a look at Spybubble then download123to go to its website.

Mspy on the other hand is one of the premium text message tracking apps on the market right now. Its features include the same ones as Spybubble pro however; you can also spy on viber messenger, skype and videos taken by the device. Mspy also has the ability to control the mobile device. It allow the user to block certain incoming calls, websites and apps from the phone. It starts at 50 bucks for a subscription. Learn more about mspy when you download123.

Blackberry messenger monitoring – Your guide to spying on bbm messages

If you want to track someone’s Blackberry’s communications then one of your primary focuses would be monitoring their bbm messages. Although new messenger services have been popping up on the scene such as Whatsapp and Viber; Blackberry messenger still has a strong footing with this group of smart phone users. This is although, it is still exclusive to the Blackberry platform only for the time being. Now, if you are looking to spy on Blackberry messenger you will have two options. You could either try to peep through the user phone when he or she is not looking or use an app which have this special monitoring abilities.

The latter is usually the better option because bbm spy software when setup works around the clock capturing the user’s messages and relaying them to you via the web. This means that if at midnight you want to see the mobile’s activity then that is possible because  of the continuous surveillance. Also, there is no worries about the actual chat being deleted because the app saves everything so the individual cannot cover his tracks. The only issue you may have is acquiring the mobile in order to install the Blackberry messenger monitoring app. So what do you do now? Well it is rather simple you go about choosing the software which best suits you. There are some considerations which you must take into mind for example reliability, features and price. Instead of going about doing a search on the web we have narrowed down the options to the two best programs. In that way you can make a decision based on which one you think fit you the best.


Alright, the first bbm spy app we would be looking app is known as Spybubble. This is probably one of the most bought and sought after cell phone monitoring apps on the market today. Its functions include being able to track the blackberry location, sms messages, blackberry messenger, call history, emails, photos, tasks, phone book details, task and appointment logs. In addition you would also be able to bug the Blackberry’s surroundings and intercept phone calls from the phone being monitored. All of this is available with the pro version which costs less than 90 bucks. No other software you would find around is going to give you so much at such a low price.  Now if you want to take a look at it more then you can just  download123   .

Blackberry monitoring software

The second option which is Stealthgenie gives you the same features as Spybubble (except call interception for Blackberry) and more. For instance you would be able to track sim card changes, videos, music being listened to, installed apps log, pin messages and more. The starting cost for Stealthgenie gold is around 90 bucks. Another advantage you would find that Stealthgenie carries is with its customer service in which you could talk to an agent directly online. This is great when it comes to resolving issues especially when you don’t have much time. If you are considering monitoring Blackberry messenger with Stealthgenie then you can download123to visit the official website.

Stealthgenie ultimate buyer guide – Is it the best app you can use in your mobile surveillance?

If you are here, then it is highly likely that you are considering utilising Stealthgenie or some other mobile monitoring tool in the near future. Before you go ahead and invest your money into anything it is good to look deeply into the background of each product you are taking under consideration. This would not only ensure that it is a solid product but also whether it is an overkill when compared to your present needs. Review articles like this one could help you save a few bucks especially if the product is no good or is poorly designed. This evaluation’s purpose is to give our reader’s the whole story, in that way he or she is able to decide to go forward with the purchase or pass over Stealthgenie for an alternative spy product.

So why should I choose Stealthgenie?

For one, it is one of the most reputable and reliable mobile spy applications on the internet right now with an active user base of well over 100,000 persons. After you setup this software on one of its supported devices, you are guaranteed to stealthgenie whatsapp spy featureacquire all the surveillance data it is designed for delivered to you online. During the selection process of any spy software as a potential buyer, you would have certain criteria. A functioning product would be the first but what about its features or its compatibility? How does Stealthgenie measure up in this respect? Let’s take a closer look at both of these right now.

Well for one it covers a wide range of activities from whatsapp monitoring to surroundings listening. In terms of quality and quantity of features, this program would definitely be one of the top runners, hands down. However; it is presently limited with respect to call interception. This allow an individual to record or listen in on a cell phone conversation secretly. Stealthgenie has this function but it is limited to only recording Android phone calls. This effectively mean you would need to acquire a different app such as Flexispy if you are truly interested in intercepting an iphone or other smart phones calls.

In terms of supported devices then you would definitely be in luck because it covers the majority out there. This includes any smart gadget carrying the android operating system, iphone, blackberry or ipad. This benefits the user tremendously because he or she would not have to pay an additional cost in the event they wish to change from one gadget to another. For instance if the target mobile changed from an iphone to a blackberry (which is not covered by most vendors currently). It would be just a matter of transferring the program from one device to another.

Above are three strong reasons to choose Stealthgenie but in particular many people are interested in the  what it is capable of and that would be discussed next.

Let’s review the main surveillance features

As mentioned earlier Stealthgenie is able to track and record a large number of mobile activities. The most robust ones out of the lot would be:

Call recording

This is setup on the control panel of the user account in which he could decide to capture the conversations of a particular number or every single call. The audio file is uploaded by the phone to the server where it could be downloaded onto a computer at a later time and played.

Environment listening

Sometimes referred to as mobile bugging in which it turns on the microphone of the device secretly so that you can hear what is happening in the background. It is like when someone forget to hang up their phone and you are hearing every single thing they are saying without them having a clue you are listening.

Geo fencing

This is an extension of gps tracking in which certain barriers could be set up like a grid on a map. If the cell phone or tablet was to enter this area then you could be notified via an email or even a text message. The application of this could be easily seen by parents who would want to know if their child has left school to go to the mall.

Instant messenger monitoring

Spying on whatsapp, Viber, skype, facebook, bbm (on blackberry, android and iphone) and other important messaging services is one of the major benefits of the Stealthgenie system. This is because many incriminating conversations take place over this chat now and if you are able to read what is said then you would be closer to finding out the truth.

Multimedia capturing

Whether it is a photo, video or voice recording this app captures it all and send it to its main server.
In addition you would also be able to keep track of the basic activities which most persons are familiar with such as text messages, emails and the gps location. Every single thing which could be done is not mentioned but with what you see here it is not much that is left out.

The full list can be seen by clicking here



Is there anything else that I need to know?

Well there was something which was not mentioned earlier and it is probably one of the major decisive factors to choosing Stealthgenie or any product and that is the price. The price structure varies because it depends on the package chosen and also length of the subscription. There are currently three options available which are Basic, Gold and Platinum. Each carries a subset of functions and as a result the cost varies between $59.99 to $199.99USD. If you are uncertain about the features you would require then it is best to start off with the basic and upgrade accordingly. You would simply pay the difference in cost to do so.

To find out more or about Stealthgenie Click Here